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You have a choice of many superb bingo halls. All have great financial backing and all host a wide variety of games. Of the best bingo halls listed below, Ruby Bingo and Blackpool Bingo are available for play in UK Pounds and offer a 90 ball bingo game. The listing is alphabetical and does not constitute an order of preference. We also do not review the bonuses or games for each bingo hall as these are consistant across the Playtech network. (See our navigation for infomation on bonuses and games)


Playtech Bingo Halls


Bingo Day

Bingo Day is a proud member of the Euro Partners network. The people behind the scenes at Euro Partners have a deep seeded understanding of the world of online gaming thanks to years of experience and consistently taking their brands a few steps ahead of the competition.


777 Bingo is a part of the Gaming Promo group and has the backing of some very experienced operators. 777Bingo is very well established and has a strong and loyal customer base.

Bingo Fantasy

Bingo Fantasy is a part of the Gamingpromo group and has perhaps the most apt graphics of all the bingo halls. Fantasy by name and by nature. They have some really good support staff and can consider themselves one of the better bingo halls on the web.

Blackpool Bingo

Blackpool Bingo has the backing of a major landbased casino operation. This strongly themed bingo hall accepts pounds and has the 90 ball bingo game that is familiar to UK players.

Festive Bingo

Festive Bingo is a part of the Mainstreet Group and include a number of well known casino brands. Their aim and theme is to provide a funfilled bingo hall with plenty of activity. We think that Festive Bingo has achieved that aim.

Golden Palace Bingo

At Golden Palace Bingo is the newest addition to this pond but you can certainly expect them to make big waves. Golden Palace is a name synonymous with excellence and achievement. We have no doubt they will be extremely popular.

Kiwi Bingo

Kiwi Bingo has powerful backing from a landbased casino and has expert staff behind the scenes. They offer bingo in the way it should be offered. Patrons are left knowing they got what they came for.

Miss Bingo

Miss Bingo is a part if the Intercontinental Online Gaming group. Excellent backing and a great understanding of the market stands them in good stead. They can cater to your every need. Their support is excellent and their offers ever tempting.

Ruby Bingo

Ruby Bingo was the first Playtech Bingo Hall and is a really good example of how a flagship site should be. Expert staff are on hand to help and the marketing team are excellent. Ruby Bingo offers you the chance to play in both US Dollars and in UK Pounds

Tiki Bingo

Tiki Bingo is backed by the landbased Christchurch Casino and has a really loyal base of players. Very much your community type bingo hall where a feeling of belonging is a part of the deal. We highly recommend them.

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