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Computers have made it easier to do lots of things. Playing games like online bingo is one of the ways through which one can spend their extra time. Playing online bingo is more or less like the offline bingo played in halls and streets. The same rules apply. Whereas some sites offer this game for free, most websites that host online bingo charge a small fee for the playing the game. It is important that you find out whether or not the site charges players and how much.

When playing online bingo, a pop window appears containing the following information:

  • Three card faces
  • The current number and a board of previously called numbers
  • A list of current players online
  • A chat room where you can communicate with the other players as the game progresses.

Apart from these, you may also find bingo news; pictures and comments from winners of previous games. The window will also contain a list of prizes and the places where you can redeem your prize.

Online bingo is available free of charge at All that is required is that the player registers for an account and acquires a username. The pattern the player is to match usually appears in the right upper window. The bingo computer calls out numbers at random. Players are expected to daub the numbers called out by the computer through a mouse click. A player is expected to click the bingo button as soon as his card matches the set pattern.

Playing bingo is not only entertaining but also offers players a chance to interact and socialize with other players online. Once you become a regular player, you will begin to recognize some of the user names and develop a rapport with them. You can then chat as the game progresses.

However online bingo denies one many pleasures that come with playing bingo in a hall. The game could slow down due to a low internet connection or high internet traffic. It therefore requires lots of patience especially if you are used to the fast paced bingo played in halls. You will also need to be wary of fake bingo sites out to cash on gullible players.

All in all, online bingo is a fun way to spend your extra time. You may also be lucky enough to win some money while at it.

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