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In addition to the regular calling of numbers in the games, playtech bingo halls also have regular competitions and extras. Watch out for these special bingo games to be announced and then participate at FULL SPEED. Read more about them below. Also remember to read our Playtech Bingo Chat Games page for information about the funfilled chat games and the Playtech Bingo Games Schedules page to find out when you can play these games.


The Playtech Games List


DOUBLE Team Bingo Points & BBs and DOUBLE Keno BBs

The CMs keep track of chatters who stay IN chat for an entire hour. At the end of each hour, all names will go into a hat and one winner will be drawn for a $5 Bonus - Hot Stuff!

After the special pattern of the week is announced, watch for it to play randomly during the week and load up on cards. This game will have a minimum prize of $75 and JP of $1000.

This is just the hottest Speed Bingo around and the balls will be poppin' like corn in a pan! Hit the gas for Speed Bingo where the Blackout Progressive Jackpot starts at $1000!

Each time you bingo, your name will go into a hat for our weekly Lottery. There's a 1st Prize of $25 bonus, 2nd Prize of $15 and 3rd Prize of $10. So make sure you've bought into as many games as you can for a chance of winning!

These special coveralls will be played randomly on Penny, Nickel and Dime games. All games have a minimum prize of $25 and a progressive Jackpot starting at $1000, if you get your coverall in 50 numbers or less! MAX out on cards for the Penny Games for just $1.35! Keep an eye out for them, day and night!

Watch out for the DoW specials - a week of special patterns and prizes. Monday's pattern is the letter "M", Tuesday is "T", Wednesday "W" etc. Prizes are guaranteed minimum of $50 with a guaranteed Jackpot of $1000 progressive which grows until it is hit!

Our Letter "J" game played at Midnight each Sunday has gone JUMBO! For this game ONLY, cards are just 50c and for every 2 cards you buy you get 2 FREE! Yes, BUY 2 GET 2 FREE! For every $1 you spend we'll DOUBLE your chances for this spectacular guaranteed prize!

All week scoop up Nite Owl DOUBLE BONUSES from 2AM-3AM! An easy way to get double BBs!

ONE day (24 hour) Slots/Scratch Card tournament. No entry is required, just play the in-house Slots or Scratch Cards that are right on your Bingo game page and you are entered automatically. And remember, your Bonus Bucks can be used to play this game, so now is the time to unload all those extra BBs. Special payouts for this event are:

1st Place - $100 BBs
2nd Place - $50 BBs
3rd Place - $30 BBs
4th Place thru 10th Place - $20 BBs
11th Place thru 15th Place - $10 BBs
16th Place thru 20th Place - $5 BBs

Watch out for the new Colors of the Rainbow specials in the Liberty Lounge - a week of special patterns and prizes. Each day will have a different pattern for each color of the rainbow, starting with the first letter of the color, so "R" for Red, "O" for Orange , "Y" for Yellow etc. It's a Quarters game and has a Guaranteed Prize of $500 and it's own Progressive Jackpot!! All you have to do is spend $1 and get two FREE cards for a chance at winning this fantastic prize! WOW! The Rainbow Games will be played in the Liberty Lounge - so keep a look out for them!

Five Special games with a Guaranteed $250 Prize each plus a fixed $1000 Jackpot! Wow! Watch for the Dollar Sign pattern to play. Load up on cards and check those pre-buys, you won't want to miss out on these games!

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