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NETeller FAQs

  • What is NETeller?
  • How do I deposit funds?
  • What withdrawal methods does NETeller allow? How long does each take to process? What are the fees?
  • How long does it take to set up a NETeller account?
  • How can I contact NETeller?
  • Why was my credit card declined?
  • How do I change the personal information in my NETeller account?
  • Why is my transfer to a merchant still pending? How much can I deposit with NETeller?
NETELLER FAQs - The Answers

What is NETeller?

  • NETeller has emerged as one of the strongest online payment solutions and is fully endorsed by Playtech Ltd.
  • Time tested and trusted
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • High quality customer service
  • Free of any money transfer charges except for a 3.9% fee on credit card funding of the NETeller account. Needless to say, deposit and withdrawals within Playtech Bingo Halls shall remain entirely free of charge.
  • Very similar to PayPal (relevant mainly for past PayPal depositors)
  • Takes a few minutes to sign up for a new account (relevant for players with no NETeller account)
  • Offers funding by most major credit cards, by EFT (electronic funds transfer), by Instacash and by bank deposits
  • Recommend using EFT, Instacash or bank deposits so as to avoid possible unfair credit card declines for gaming transactions. Also, funding via these methods is totally free and does not carry any fee for the players whereas funding via a credit card will carry a 3.9% charge.

How do I deposit funds into NETeller?

  • NETeller currently allows deposits made via:
  • Credit card: Once processed funds are immediately available in the your account. Deposit $500 from one credit card only until the account is certified. Then deposit up to $4000 over 30 days from multiple credit cards.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): for players with US bank accounts only. Takes up to 4-5 business days as funds are transferred from your bank account to an automated clearing house and then to NETeller. There is no fee. Maximum deposit is $5000 per transaction.
  • InstaCash: Same as EFT but your account is credited instantly. (Only eligible if you have been a NETeller member for 14 days and have had 1 regular EFT cleared followed by a 4-day waiting period).
  • NETeller will assign different credit levels dependent upon transaction history:
    Level 1: Two deposits per day (max $100/day, $250/week)
    Level 2: Two deposits per day (max $300/day, $750/week)
    Level 3: Three deposits per day (max $750/day, $1500/week)
  • Bank deposits: Once verified, money is deposited into your bingo account. No fee is charged by NETeller (maximum deposit $10,000 per day)
    US players: made at any branch of Bank of America
    Canadian players: made at any Bank of Montreal
    International players: bank wire from their bank
  • Please note:
    The limit for Credit Card deposits when you first signup with NETeller is $250 for the lifetime of the account. If you choose to certify your account with NETeller (sign up your personal banking information) your limit will then be increased to $3000 dollars a month. This only applies to Credit Cards. NETeller offers a number of different ways to fund your personal account. You should call NETeller customer service line using the contact numbers below or email for information about using the bank deposit method.

What withdrawal methods does NETeller allow? How long does each take to process? What are the fees?

  • NETeller currently allows withdrawals to be made via:
  • Credit card: Takes 24 hrs - 10 business days for the charge to appear on the card's balance. There is no fee. Must withdraw exact amount originally deposited with that credit card (e.g. if you deposited $20, you must withdraw $20 to the same credit card).
  • Note that deposits by credit card must be credited back before any other form of withdrawal is available
  • EFT: Takes up to 4-5 business days. No fee.
  • Checks: Requests made before 3PM EST are processed that business day. Sent via regular US mail. Fee $1. FedEx fee $26
  • Note that transfers may also be made between NETeller members. The receiver must accept the transfer. Fee 1.9% (min. transfer $15; max. transfer $5000/transaction)

How long does it take to set up a NETeller account?

  • A few minutes.
  • After you have filled out the appropriate information on the registration form, NETeller will send you an email with a link to your login page as well as your account number and secure ID. This process should only take a few minutes.

How can I contact NETeller?

  • Use one of the following:
  • EMAIL:
  • TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 1.888.258.5859
  • INTERNATIONAL PHONE: +1.403.233.9466
  • INTERNATIONAL FAX: +1.403.254.6`789

Why was my credit card declined?

  • A credit card will be declined by the bank issuing the card. You may call the issuing bank to find out what is wrong with your card.
  • Remember: Three invalid credit card attempts within one hour will cause your NETeller account to be automatically closed and you will have to contact customer support in order to have it reopened.

How do I change the personal information in my NETeller account?

  • In the navigational bar at the top of your NETeller account, there is an option to "Edit Account". This will allow you to change your phone number and password in the NETeller system.

Why is my transfer to a merchant still pending?

  • Not all merchants accept transfers 24 hours a day.
  • Some work regular business hours, some do not. It is solely up to the merchant to accept or decline any funds to or from NETeller.
  • If a transfer you made to a merchant has been pending for a long time you may contact the individual merchant or cancel the transfer from your account.
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