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FirePay FAQs
What is FirePay?
How do I open a FirePay account?
How do I fund my FirePay account?
How do I deposit, withdraw and transfer funds via FirePay into my account?

FIREPAY FAQs - The answers

What is FirePay?

  • FirePay is a free, secure and convenient payment method which works a lot like a debit or Credit Card.
  • You simply deposit funds into your FirePay account and then use it to make payments or transfer funds on-line.
  • You will also be able to use your FirePay account to make withdrawals from a Playtech Bingo Hall.
  • FirePay offers round the clock customer support, e-mail confirmation of purchases and online account activity statements.

How do I open a FirePay account?

  • To open your account, please go to
  • You will be required to enter details such as your name and billing address. It is a quick and simple process, which you will be guided through step by step.
  • Please ensure that the e-mail address you register with FirePay is the same as the one registered at the Playtech Bingo Hall.
  • If the e-mail addresses are different, you can change the e-mail address in your FirePay account so that they correspond.

How do I fund my FirePay account?

  • You can fund your FirePay account either directly from your bank account or via ACH (a.k.a. E-Checks).
  • Please note that a U.S. bank account is needed for both options. Funding your FirePay account via Credit Cards is no longer possible.
  • To register your bank information log into your FirePay account and enter your checking account and routing number in the relevant fields.
  • Once your bank account is registered, FirePay will make a small deposit into it.
  • When you log in again, you will be asked to enter the amount of the deposit in order to verify that the registered bank account is yours.
  • Please note that this Test Deposit may take 2-3 business days to show up in your bank account.

How do I deposit, withdraw and transfer funds via FirePay into my account?

  • Your deposit processing time takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes, just like a Credit Card.
  • To make the deposit, go to and open an account.
  • After you have done this you will receive your 16-digit number FirePay account number.
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