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We are not affiliated to, nor are we endorsed by Playtech. We do however admire their bingo halls and software very much. As bingo players ourselves, we felt it necessary to set out, in detail, as much information as possible about playtech bingo. This way, we feel we can share with you all the passion and pleasure we get from playing bingo in a playtech bingo hall.

Looking for the Lotto SA?

Our favorite playtech bingo hall is Bingo Day

Bingo Day

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What makes Playtech special

The chatmaster's are brilliant and the mood in the room almost seems electric with the anticipation of another win. The bingo software is comfortable to use and lets you slip into that zone where you forget that you are online, and believe that you are really there.

Bored? Never! There are chat games, special games, slots, video poker, and scratch cards to give your mind a total break away from the world around you. We always feel refreshed when we play although, every so often, we tend to stay online a little bit too long and find that many hours have simply slipped away!

Playtech has even designed an arcade game called “Pop Bingo” that is found in many of their online casino clients. As the pop corn pops it displays a number, the faster you can fill in your card the more money you can make. 

Please feel free to go through our site slowly and to pick your way through the facts and guides so that you too can find a playtech bingo hall, just for you! Playtech software rocks and we love it!

Playtech Bingo Site Pointers

If you want to learn more about things like Video Poker and so forth, feel free to browse our resources to find other great sites. Our bingo halls also offer great video poker games as well. Did you know that Golden Palace Casino Online is know also available with Vegas Technology?

We have simply loads of information on this site. Here are a few pages which carry some very useful information:

  • Bingo Halls - We feature no less than 10 playtech bingo halls, choose one that suites you
  • Bingo slots and video pokers - Reviews of all 8 extra playtech slot games
  • Bingo banking options - Banking in gaming - 12 options reviewed for you to choose from
  • Bingo games - Special games arranged which add to the normal bingo game
  • Chat Games - The chatmaster's create innovate games to let roomies win bonus money
  • Games Schedule - Got a favorite game? Our schedule will tell you when to play!
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